What's new in v14

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New in this year’s version of Woodwork for Inventor V14:



Modified and extended Skeleton DressUp
1.Panel Array command introduced. It allows you to create an array of panels between the Plane Face of the selected panel and another Plane Face or Work Plane.


2.The Panel Edge DressUp command has been introduced. This command allows the selected panel to be dressed with Solid Body edges.


3.Modified Panel Trim command. When trimming a panel with another panel, it is now possible to specify the gap to be left from the edges or top/bottom of the intersecting panel. A Split option has also been added to the command, which allows the selected panel to be split into multiple parts without deleting the other side.
4.The Panel Shrink/Enlarge command has been introduced. This command allows you to select the edges of a panel and to specify the value by which the edge should be shifted to the inside or outside of the part.


5.Panel Miter command was modified. It is now not necessary to extend the panels to be joined so that they intersect each other for the command to work successfully.
6.Body conversion and visibility control commands were modified.


Hardware Attachment mechanism enhanced
1.The possibility for the user to create Smart Hardware was introduced. Smart Hardware is a user-created Autodesk Inventor component with iLogic rules that implement its behaviour in the connection.
2.When a component is selected for insertion, the Hardware attachment command recognises that it is Smart Hardware and applies a different insertion mechanism. This mechanism allows to specify the furniture panels to be joined, so that the smart hardware is automatically placed at the joining point and adapts to the joining characteristics.



1. Keyword was introduced, which allows to export the order of covers of the part to BOM. E.g. {Item.CoverWorkpiece.Left.Order} 


CAM Module
1.The Mill operation command has been enhanced with a Chipping option. It allows the user to specify the remnants resulting from the milling operation, which are chipped by additional tool trajectory movements.


Shape Nesting
1.A simulation of Sheet processing was introduced. The user can now run the Sheet processing simulation in the Shape Nesting environment by selecting the desired sheet of material from the context menu.
2.The automatic external contouring algorithm has been improved.


Application Programming Interface (API)
1.A new possibility for users to create their own applications (which allow using the iBox insertion mechanism) using the Woodwork for Inventor API.