Start and control of shape nesting

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Shape nesting may be opened from the assembly environment or as a separate application.


hmtoggle_plus1Opening from the assembly environment


Woodwork Design->Technology->Nesting Nesting Command


Nesting selection set creation



select Part priority Select Part Priority

During selection, one does not take into account the depth of the part in the assembly structure and the click of the mouse means including one part into the assembly.


Select component priority Select Component Priority

During selection, the component of the highest level of the current assembly is selected. This way, if the selection contains sub-assemblies (e.g. a cabinet), clicking on the cabinet will include all parts of the cabinet assembly into the set.


Select All components  Select All


The selection set with all parts is created automatically. It has the nesting routing CAM technology.

Deselect All Compnents Deselect All


The previous assembly is disassembled.


All occurences by first select All occurences by first select

Entering the mode where all piece instances in the assembly are automatically included in the set by the first click on the part.



Running the nesting routing program with the created list of parts.



hmtoggle_plus1Opening as a separate application


Woodwork for Inventor Nesting routing program may be opened as a separate Windows application Woodwork for Inventor Nesting. In this case the program is opened with an empty window and *.wnest or *.wbom files are opened for nesting routing.



Description of operation of Nesting module is available in the following sections:


Shape nesting environment

Side browser

Operating the files

Shape nesting editing


BOM printing

Shape nesting editor settings