What's new in v12

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The new v12 version was launched on 24th of May, 2021



1.The previous function in the "Edge Band Wizard" has been changed to a completely new function "Build Structure". This feature allows you automatically to create a Woodwork for Inventor part structure from solid bodies that match the assigned materials.


2.Sheet metal parts, in the flattened state, can now be assigned by all Woodwork for Inventor materials, including coverings. All this data is calculated in the reports provided by the Woodwork for Inventor BOM generator.




1.The CAM module can now process iPart members if they have a Custom parameter, have custom Woodwork for Inventor material, and are of the Normal type of BOM.


2.New post-processor for Maestro Xilog added.




1.Preliminary Nesting replaced and improved by Nesting LT. It is available in the Woodwork for Inventor (with CAM) configuration. (Available from 14th January, 2021 - launched in previous v11 in advance).


2.The 3rd most powerful software configurations launched - Woodwork for Inventor (with Nesting). (Available from 14th January, 2021 - launched in previous v11 in advance).


3.A new option that allows you to order an additional final pass that removes Onion Skin or Bridges


4.The possibility to include the tool radius in the calculation when setting sheet margins that are left.