Requirements for Autodesk Inventor project

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Working with Autodesk Vault system requires that Autodesk Inventor program has Vault-type project. Woodwork for Inventor also successfully operates with projects of this type; however, it is necessary to take into account several specific aspects, which are important for smooth operation of the system.


Woodwork for Inventor plug-in works (interacts) with Autodesk Inventor materials libraries created by the user. These libraries and the supporting texture image files are stored in a default location at the time of installation of Woodwork for Inventor. To read more, click here.


When working with Autodesk Vault system, it is important that texture image files are transferred to Autodesk Vault working directory. Otherwise, various problems can occur, because at the time of document Check In to Autodesk Vault system, the component memorizes texture paths that are outside of the working directory.


Once the textures are transferred to a new location, the operation of component database and command for assigning Woodwork for Inventor plug-in materials, because image paths appearing at the specified points will still lead to the old location. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to open Asset Wizard. To read more, click here.