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The installation of the Woodwork for Inventor add-on involves the creation of catalogues which are filled with relevant content. These catalogs contain the Woodwork for Inventor material and color database, furniture component library, furniture prototypes and several item samples which may be used to explore the add-on features. In addition, the add-on provides a Woodwork for Inventor project which needs to be turned on in order to use the above-mentioned data. The location of this project is specified during installation. It is recommended that this project be activated before starting to use the add-on.


The project has the following default spaces:

<Location specified during installation>\W4INV 2022 Design\

PROJECTS\ - work space where all designed wooden products are placed.

Samples - samples of pre-designed items.

LIBRARY\ - initial database of library components used for item construction.

_LIBRARY\ - copies of library components used in models.


Public Documents\

Woodwork for Inventor\ - contains additional files supporting the add-on.

\2022 - indicates version of Autodesk Inventor software.

W4INV Material Library.adsklib - Autodesk Inventor material library created by the user to ensure smooth operation of the add-on.

\V11 - indicates version of Woodwork for Inventor software.

\Auto Plot Templates - contains drawing templates.

\BOM templates - contains specification templates.

\Units Settings - units setting files.

\Postprocessors settings - contains setting files of Post-processors.

\Woodwork.db - materials DB.

Textures - sub-catalogue contains images required for defining materials and colors.



hmtoggle_plus1Autodesk Inventor project configuration to ensure smooth operation of the add-on


1.Run Autodesk Inventor software.
2.Open Autodesk Inventor project dialog window.





3.Click "Browse" in the project dialog window.






4.By double mouse click choose W4INV 2022 (or 2021, or 2020) Projects.ipj





5.Click "Done" in the project dialog window.





hmtoggle_plus1Legacy data configuration to ensure smooth operation of the add-on


If you want to work with the data from your previous projects and use Woodwork for Inventor features, make the following changes in your project:


1.In the Appearance Libraries and Material Libraries sections of your project add the Autodesk Inventor material library used by the add-on which is located at:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor\2022\W4INV Material Library.adsklib


2.Specify the following paths in the Libraries section:

Library - C:\W4INV 2022 Design\LIBRARY - the path to the Woodwork for Inventor components data base.

_Library - C:\W4INV 2022 Design\_LIBRARY - the path to the Woodwork for Inventor proxy components data base.

Textures - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor\Textures - the path to the pictures used in the W4INV Material  Library.adsklib library.