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Here, you will find the description of an overall concept based on which the information generated by Woodwork for Inventor becomes an integral part of the entire information flow transferred by Autodesk Inventor design software to Autodesk Vault.


Autodesk Vault offers several configurations, which differ in functionality. In terms of the topic at hand, the following differences are relevant:


Autodesk Vault Basic configuration maintains file vault and meta-data (file data card) about the files.


Autodesk Vault Professional configuration maintains the same level of handling of design information as Autodesk Vault Basic, but it has additional information layer, which is used to handle Items and structures consisting of such items, i.e. BOMs. BOMs essentially reflect the same assembly structure of Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk Vault Professional offers Item Master environment, which is used to manage BOMs, the contents of which can be edited (unlike the included file structure) (the possibility to modify composition of the item in the Autodesk Inventor environment is not addressed here).  This is due to the fact that the user may have to add entries about objects, which are not modeled in the Autodesk Inventor environment, to the BOM, for example, oil, glue, instructions for use, etc.


Woodwork for Inventor generates additional information, which is not nominally handled by Autodesk Vault system, so the system does not record it. Woodwork for Inventor plug-in and Autodesk Vault program can be configured in a way ensuring correct transfer of this information to Autodesk Vault system.


The information presented above makes it clear that Woodwork for Inventor has two levels of integration with Autodesk Vault system:


1.Woodwork for Inventor data integration with Autodesk Vault at file meta-data level.
2.Woodwork for Inventor data integration with Autodesk Vault at BOM level.


Below you will find:


Requirements for Autodesk Inventor project

Autodesk Vault integration at file meta-data level

Autodesk Vault integration at BOM level