Autodesk Vault integration at BOM level

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Sometimes, the integration method discussed above fails to meet the need to support information, when describing part of a piece of furniture. In terms of Woodwork for Inventor, part of a piece of furniture is an assembly of workpieces put together in the production process. To read more about how Woodwork for Inventor treats part of a piece of furniture, click here. Like any other assembly, part of a piece of furniture can contain different number of workpieces, which comprise it. For example, some parts can have no veneer, but have three banded edges, while other parts can have veneer on both sides and banded edges. It is convenient to reflect such structures as Autodesk Vault system BOM, in which the part (like any other assembly) also includes entries on the workpieces that make it up. However, mechanisms for the generation of Autodesk Vault Professional BOMs do not support Woodwork for Inventor data interpretation.


For this reason, Woodwork for Inventor BOM generator is able to transfer structures of parts generated by it directly to Autodesk Vault BOM. This is how composition of part workpieces fully corresponding to that created when designing the item with Woodwork for Inventor, is re-created in Autodesk Vault BOM. As with file meta-data, additional property fields can be created for BOM items (for example, length, width, material name, material code, etc.). When configuring link between Woodwork for Inventor and Autodesk Vault, the user can specify, which data generated by Woodwork for Inventor should be transferred to BOM item property fields. During the import, Woodwork for Inventor checks the content of the file storage and, if a file corresponding to the item is detected in the storage, link to this file is created. This is similarly done by Autodesk Vault Professional system, when generating BOM items using standard Autodesk Vault Professional tools.