Part type assignment

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Part type assignment

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Part Types


ExpandedComponent selection

Components selection can be accomplished in several ways:


Pick component by picking components on display. If you will keep the CTRL button down through selection, you will deselect the component.


Selection by filter by applying a filter. On the Pull-Down list, select Part's iProperty which you prefer to establish as criteria for selection. Part Name, Description and Category fields can be specified as selection criteria. In the text window bellow, you can specify a mask of selection. For example, criteria of selection is Category, mask of selection - "C*". Such a filter will select all Woodwork4Inventor parts. Start selection by pushing on the funnel button. If you do nott select any part, the operation will be applied to all "C*" category parts automatically.


Ask material by asking material and selecting all components with the same Material Group. When you push Ask material group you can pick any component which has an applied Material Group. The Material Group of this part will be set as current. The next button selects all parts that have the same as current (selected for assignment) Material Group.


You can combine selection methods. For example, select components by category and in addition select component by pick.


ExpandedPart Type Setting

You can set such part types:


Part Type AI conventional Autodesk Inventor part. Woodwork BOM do not takes such a part into account.


Part Type Unit Part is accounted as Unit


Part type Length Part is accounted as Length


Part Type Area Part is accounted as Area


Part Type Volume Part is accounted as Volume


ExpandedEdge Banding possibility

You can set possibility to band edges of the part:


Banding allowance Edge Banding is allowed


Band not allowed Edge Banding is not allowed


ExpandedPart Size calculation type

You can set how Woodwork4Inventor calculates size of part.


Size calculation Automatic Automatic calculation. Woodwork4Inventor calculates part and blank range boxes (see topic Size calculations for exploration)


Size calculation Permanent Persistent measurement (see topic Persistent measurements and manually recorded sizes for exploration)


Size calclulation Manual Manually recorded part size (see topic Persistent measurements and manually recorded sizes for exploration)