Size & Texture

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Size & Texture

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Sizes calculation Tab

Sizes calculation Tab


ExpandedComponents selection

Selection of components can be accomplished in several ways:


Pick component by picking components on display. If you will keep the CTRL button down through selection, you will deselect the component.


Selection by filter by applying a filter. On the Pull-Down list, select Part's iProperty which you prefer to establish as the criteria for selection. Part Name, Description and Category fields can be specified as selection criteria. In the text window bellow you can specify mask of selection. For example criteria of selection is Category, mask of selection - "C*". Such filter will select all Woodwork4Inventor parts. Start selection by pushing the funnel button. If you do not select any partthe  operation will be applied to all "C*" category parts automatically.


ExpandedBlank overlap

here you can specify the Blank overlap value. Woodwork4Inventor calculates the Blank Range box in accordance with the Part 3D model and Edge Band settings.


Oversize in XY plane

You can specify the blank overlap in each direction as shown.


Oversize in Z dir

If the part is volume type, for example timber (category C01), you can specify the overlap in the thickness direction.


Blank can be viewed by click on Blank Size calculation. Blank appears as a translucent green box.


ExpandedTexture direction control

Material texture direction in Woodwork4Inventor influences  Part and Blank size calculation. The system automatically determines the material texture direction.

The direction is determined by these rules:

1. Finds the largest area plane face on the component

2. Finds the largest straight edge on the largest-area plane face

The direction of this straight edge is considered to be as the initial material texture direction. You can manipulate it by using the buttons:

Swith on texture direction Switch On view of the material texture direction. The material texture direction is shown as a straight blue line.

Reset texture direction Resets to the initial material texture direction.

Align texture directionAlign the material texture direction along straight edge of the part.

Clear materialClear material from the part. Part becomes a simple Autodesk Inventor part with Autodesk Inventor Default coloring color.

Rotate textutre direction Rotate the material texture direction from the current direction by a specified angle.