General settings

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General settings can be accessed via the general settings tab in the CAM behavior settings.


CAM Behave Dialog



CAM database path


Setting a path to the CNC machine database. The setting applies to the functioning of the entire CAM module.


Active CNC machine


Setting CNC machine configuration to be applied, when automatically generating the CNC technology.

Hardware tool trajectory calculation method


Setting the method of calculation of the bottom trajectory of the milling tool. Three options are available:

CAM Behave ARC joining trajectory angles or breakpoints connected by arches.



CAM Behave Staight Joining trajectory angles or breakpoints connected by straight segments.



CAM Behave Original Contour trajectory is generated based on the original loop occurring on the part. It is considered that loop correction will be completed in the CNC machine.

Creation of operation priority



When creating the CNC technology, ambiguous situations occur, where the same part form can be obtained by completing different operations. For example, part corners can be cut using a saw or milled with an end mill. To avoid such uncertainties, operations are arranged in the order of priority. In the above ambiguous situations, CAM solver will choose the operation with a higher priority level. Position of the operation in the line of priority can be changed by selecting the operation with the cursor and dragging it to the desired position within the table.


Automatic operations ordering


In the created CNC technology, operations can be arranged in a defined order. The user can change this order by dragging the selected operation to the desired position within the table. The order of arrangement of operations does not necessarily correspond to the order of priority of operations. This order is also used to arrange procedures, when this is requested by the user, or with manually created trajectories.