Product View TAB


The Product View Window allows to:


View Product content in a hierarchical tree form

Change the BOM Title

Organize a few BOMs to a single united manufacturing BOM


expandedProduct tree view

Product View shows all  information gathered from the Autodesk Inventor 3D Model about the designed product. It reflects the Autodesk Inventor assembly structure. By default, the following information fields are presented:


Code of Component or Material

Name of Component or Material

Final code of Material or Standard component (see more details in topic Naming replacements configurations)

Final name of Material or Standard component

Quantity of component or material

Size of component (Length. Width  and Thickness)


Each node of tree has a small icon. Bellow is presented the meaning of each icon:


16x16 assembly - assembly which has any component of category "C*"

16x16 part- Furniture component

16x16 profilis - Profile (Length) type Material

16x16 plotas - Board (Area) type Material

16x16 Turis - Timber (Volume) type Material

16x16 band - Edge band type Material

16x16 standartinis gaminys - Standard (taken from the Library) or non standard Unit type component

16x16 standartinis junginys - Standard assembly (component taken from the Library)

16x16 part unknown material - Part has a category, but does not have an applied material

16x16 Inventor detale - Autodesk Inventor component or has no applied Woodwork4Invenor part type. The component is not taken into account when Woodwork BOM is generated

unresolved - Unresolved component


Each Furniture component presents its own sizes. Size should show the size of part with the Edge band.

Each Furniture Component contains a material from which it is made. The Woodwork4Inventor part type component node can be expanded and will be shown to consist of a material component.


product tree node expand


In addition, the material quantity will be displayed based on the material type.

Profile type material in the quantity field will show - length

Board type material in the quantity field will show - area

Timber type material in the quantity field will show - volume

Edge band material in the quantity field will show - total length


All units will be shown according to units setup for User Interface (see topic Bill Of Material setup)


Context menu


Each tree node has a context menu (right mouse button click).


Assembly context menu


If node type is an assembly you can expand or collapse it.

If you start Woodwork BOM from Autodesk Inventor you can select this component in Autodesk Inventor environment or Open it.


expandedBOM management

BOM management


Autodesk Inventor is the most suitable for individual furniture design. and using Woodwork4Inventor it is possible to quickly prepare information required for its manufacturing. If there is a necessity to prepare information for the order for many pieces of furniture at a time, theoretically, using Autodesk Inventor it is possible to join all the ordered pieces of furniture into one large assembly and in this way to generate information required for manufacturing. However, such a task is hard to implement in practice because the systems of parametric design are not suitable for solving the problems of large interiors. In such as case, it is better to merge the specifications of individual pieces of furniture into one large production order specification in a non-Autodesk Inventor environment. The Woodwork BOM module of Woodwork4Inventor allows to do that. That's way you can save BOM as file (extension *.vspx) and Woodwork BOM allows to unite a few BOMs to one manufacturing order BOM.


Open BOM opens BOM


Add BOM adds BOM to generated BOM


Remove BOM removes BOM from genertated BOM


Save BOM 1 saves BOM to a file


expandedBOM Title

Title management


Woodwork BOM outputs its results to a MS Excel file with a few sheets. Each sheet on a top has a title on top with common  BOM data which allows to identify the document when it is printed.


BOM title


Edit BOM title button opens dialog window for edititing the BOM title content.


Bom Title edit dialog


Auto option automatically reads Autodesk Inventor Top Assembly  iProperty Part Name to the label field.


The drop down list in each of the fields remembers the last 8 values used.