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Bill Of Materials output

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At present time, the release of Woodwork BOM results is carried out in three forms.


SPgen export


ExpandedExport to Excel Workbook

Woodwork BOM generates reports into Excel workbook taking into consideration current template which is seen on template path display text box in Setup TAB. At any time you can select a different template. Woodwork4Inventor offers a few templates for English metric and English Imperial systems. Find out how to configure templates in Excel Report Template setup topic.


Important! To export data to Excel, you need have MS Excel software installed.


ExpandedExport to CUTRite software

Cut Rite software is product from Stiles Machinery Inc. The software creates optimized cutting patterns and program files for CNC machines. Woodwork BOM creates a CSV form file, which can be imported as part definition list to Cut Rite software. To import data from the CSV file, you need to configure CUT Rite software. You can find more details about in CUTRite software configuration topic


ExpandedExport to Cutting 3 software

The Cutting 3 software is a simple program for the creation of optimized cutting patterns. You can find more details about it Program allows to import MS Excel cells by a Cut/Paste operation. Woodwork BOM generates an appropriate MS Excel file for the import cutting part list. Cutting 3 operates with its own material database, where each material has its own number. Before exporting to Cutting 3, it is necessary to change the Material Groups to corresponding numbers from the Cutting3 . It can be done through the applying appropriate Naming Replacement configuration, where material names are expressed as numbers.