Operating the files

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Nesting File Ribbon



Nesting Open


Opens the selected *.wnest or *.wbom file. If a shape nesting scheme is not displayed when opening a *.wbom file, make sure that the given specification (BOM) was generated using the parts which have shape nesting CAM technologies..


Nesting Merge Icon


Allows adding additional *.wnest and *.wbom files to the opened file.

Nesting Save Icon


Saves the given shape nesting scheme as a *.wnest file.

Nesting CNC Output Icon

Exporting CNC files

Generates CNC files for all raw material worktops. CNC programs are generated using CAM technologies, which are created for each material worktop. The technologies may be different for different materials depending on their properties. A separate CNC program is generated for each sheet.