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Side browser is designed to improve navigation of shape nesting content and manage some parameters by entering the values in digital form. The browser has three tabs representing different information cross-sections of shape nesting.




This tab shows full content of shape nesting.


Nesting Nesting Browser


Full content of shape nesting is displayed in four levels:



Shows all information about the worktop material:


Material code
Material name
Material colour name.
Material thickness



Shows information about material sheets contained in the material worktop. Shows specific display name. This may be edited in the graphical shape nesting window.



Provides information about the part involved in sheet nesting as an instance:


Part code
Part name
Size of the part
Number of instances on the given raw material sheet/Total number of instances in the nesting.



Provides information about the instance:


Instance index.
Instance CAM technology base point in terms of the sheet.


hmtoggle_plus1Included products


This tab of the browser shows the products included in the current shape nesting design.


Nesting Included products browser


Included Products

Shows the code and name of included products.



Shows the file from which the information is taken.



Shows the number of products included in the given shape nesting. This number may be adjusted, thus automatically increasing the number of piece instances in the current shape nesting. Bear in mind that the program saves the product content at the moment of inclusion and, if the product number is changed, product increase or decrease is included. In other words, if you have previously increased or decreased the number of instances, the addition or deduction will be made to the modified situation at the current time.




This browser window shows properties. The display depends on the selected context. The fullest list of properties is obtained if the properties of the selected piece of a specific part are requested.


Nesting Properties Browset



The properties shown in the editable text box may be edited. The content of shape nesting and information exported to specifications (BOM) and CNC programs will be changed accordingly.