Shape nesting configuration and functionality

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Currently, Woodwork for Inventor software supports two configurations which can prepare CNC programs for shape nesting of a raw material sheet.


1.Woodwork for Inventor configuration with a CAM module with an integrated Woodwork for Inventor Nesting Lite (“Nesting LT”) module.
2.Woodwork for Inventor configuration with Nesting, which provides additional functionality.


Please note that the files servicing the operation of Nesting program cannot be used for Woodwork for Inventor configuration with Nesting LT module. Nesting LT files can be used with Nesting program and are automatically converted to the appropriate format. In other words, Nesting LT cannot use Nesting files, while Nesting can use Nesting LT files.


The table below describes the functional differences between Nesting and Nesting LT software.




Nesting LT


Auto CAM processing by materials

Part instance position fix in sheet by Bridges

Part instance position fix in sheet by Onion Skin

Nesting contour start point position control

Nesting contour milling Lead In/Lead Out Control

Processing by One Spindle

Processing by Up Cut;Down Cut Spindles

Processing by Compress Spindle

Display Properties of nesting objects

Create nesting from current assembly

Create nesting from selected elements from current assembly


Open Nesting LT files

Save Nesting LT File


Save Nesting LT file as Nesting file


Save Nesting file


Open Nesting files


Open Woodwork for Inventor BOM files


Merge Woodwork for Inventor BOM files


Merge Nest files


Merge Nest LT files


Possibility to view merged products and change amount of them


Nesting BOM generation


Picture Print


Nesting BOM Print By Picking part instance on nesting display