Skeleton Dress Up

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Autodesk Inventor software offers powerful conceptual design tools for designers. Skeleton modeling allows creating the entire concept of a future product in the context of a single part file. The concept can be expressed as the overall volume of the product, individual bodies reflecting the form of the future part, various sketches, auxiliary planes, axes, points. Later on in the design process it will be easy to turn this geometry into separate part files and assemble these to obtain traditional Autodesk Inventor assemblies. This method speeds up and facilitates product design significantly, and helps to better understand how geometry of individual parts changes with the changing overall volume of the product. It also facilitates the process of creating and managing parameter-controlled models.


Skeleton Dress Up function is designed to add functions facilitating the work of furniture designers to the skeleton modeling method.


It contains information on the following topics:



Skeleton Dress Up with panels

Panel copying

Trimming the panels

Mitering the panels

Body conversation

Managing visibility of skeleton bodies