Material and colour replacement

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This command is used to replace general Woodwork for Inventor materials with the specific materials required to begin the production. During the replacement, changes can be made to the codes, names and material appearance.


Opening the command


Woodwork Design –> Material->Replacement Material replacement


or the command can be accessed from BOM generator window.


Material replacment dialog V11



hmtoggle_plus11. Toolbar for replacing existing items


Material Replacment Propagate To All records

Automatically applies the replacement made at the higher level of the material summary to all the lower tree branches.

Material Replacement Propagate only to Empty

Automatically applies the replacement made at the higher level of the material summary to all the tree branches that previously have not been filled in.


hmtoggle_plus12. Toolbar for saving change information in the component


Write Material Replacment to Component

Saves current changes in the selection set. A selection set is created by ticking the desired components. Please note that configuration values are saved in parts only. The fact that a part contains such an entry is indicated by a green marker Replacement write to part indicator in the bottom left corner of the replacement cell.

Clear replacement from component

Clears the changes saved in the component. The components must not be locked for changes.

Locks Material replacment in component

Locks change entries made to the parts. The fact that the entries are locked is indicated by a mark Lock Badgenext to the component of the part.


Unlock material replacment Part Component

Unlocks the component of the part for editing saved changes to the material..



hmtoggle_plus13. Configuration management tools


The user always works with some kind of material configuration. Immediately after the installation of Woodwork for Inventor, Default configuration is always active. This configuration cannot be removed. The user can create new configurations, edit and remove them.


Material Replacment Configuration control


Active configuration selector

Allows setting the active material replacement configuration.


Allows creating a new empty material replacement configuration.


Allows copying the existing material replacement configuration. When activated, apply all replacement option means that all material replacements registered in the copied configuration will be applied to the opened model.


Removes the active material replacement configuration. Automatically activates the Default configuration that cannot be removed.


Each material replacement configuration remembers its links to MS Excel worksheets, if any. When a configuration is copied, such links remain in the newly copied configuration. For more information about linking MS Excel file data, click here.


hmtoggle_plus14. Item search tools


Items can be found in two ways:


1 Entering a text fragment in the field, which is then used for searching the items.

2.Specifying the material on the graphical display. Fill Material Fill Material Search, orCover Material Cover Material Search can be specified.


hmtoggle_plus15. Main material summary window


The main window is intended for displaying the material summary, making replacements, creating selection sets of components, for which material replacement results have to be saved, deleting selection sets, and locking or unlocking components for changes.


The original name of the material group can be changed by:


1.Entering a specific value in the selected cell. Specifying an image from the disc.
2.Importing replacement values from a linked MS Excel file. To do this, wait until the symbol Material Replacement 16x16 appears in the cell and click it. It opens a dialogue box, where you can select the replacement values. For more information about linking MS Excel file data, click here.
3.Values are imported via the user interface using the material replacement API.


The fact that the cell value has been changed is indicated by bold font of the item text. Hover over such item to show the original material value by means of a Tool Tip.


hmtoggle_plus16. Material and cover colour aplication command


Please note that the OK button does not make such changes. It simply closes the command and the current Woodwork for Inventor configuration and changes to its text items remain effective. If texture images have been replaced, the user can transfer the textures to the model being assembled. To do this, use the command "Apply Appearance Image replacement".