Work and navigation in the BOM generator window

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The command analyses the assembly model and automatically generates information required for furniture manufacturing in different BOMs. Moreover, using this command, you can merge several BOM specifications into one.


To open the command, go to:


Woodwork Design –> BOM –> BOM w4i_bom32



The command can operate in two different modes:

1.  Reading of information from the assembly model currently open in the Autodesk Inventor environment.

2.  Reading of information from the previously generated W4I BOM file.


After the reading of information is complete, the browser representing the assembly structure will open.



Main BOM Window



The command line:

W4I_Bom_MainView_OpenBom - opens previously saved Woodwork for Inventor model data file (*.wbom).

merge_bom2_16x16 - opens the content of the model data file on the disc linked to the content contained in the BOM generator window.

save_bom16x16 - saves model data in a separate (*.wbom) file.

W4I_Bom_MainView_ChooseColumns - configures columns shown in the BOM generator window.

fill_header_data16x16 - edits BOM header.

select_template16x16 - selects a BOM template.

export_to_excel16x16 - exports BOM to the MS Excel file.

BOM LInk and CSV settings - adjusts BOM generator settings.

Break Links - command, which deletes all previous links.

Ziuronai - using a filter. The user can enter a filter phrase, which will be used to highlight nodes that match the filter criteria.

Keyword evaluator refresh - Updating the values in the Keyword preview column based on the value in the keyword interpreting box. The box is activated only if the Keyword preview column is activated.

BOM template edit - Editing the current template. In the drop-down list on the right, five most recently used templates are remembered and may be edited.


Setting active configuration:


Material replacement 16x16 icon - Entering the replacement configuration. To configure the material, select the icon next to Material item. To configure hardware, select the icon next to Hardware item. Item with grey background is the active replacement configuration. Active configuration is set in the replacement configuration window.


At the bottom of the window, you can see the BOM template that is currently selected. By double-clicking on this entry, you will automatically open MS Excel and a template file for editing.


The following subsections provide the description of only those commands the operation of which require a more detailed explanation:


Description of information displayed on the screen

Configuration of displayed columns

Merging BOM of several products

BOM header data

BOM generator settings