Markup of covers

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Accessed via the menu: Components output to drawing -> Part -> Markup of covers


This sub-menu item allows specifying how part drawing curves representing surfaces with different covers should be highlighted in the drawing.


Markup of covers


The dialog box has three tabs:


Veneer: configuring representation of surfaces with veneer cover.
Edge Band: configuring representation of surfaces with edge band cover.
Paint: configuring representation of surfaces with paint cover.



Settings are copied for each cover type in all tabs:


Place veneer curves to layers: curves representing cover will be inserted in the layer with the name specified below.
Layer name: the name of layer of the cover being configured, which will contain curves representing the covered surface.
Line properties: curve display settings linked to the cover thickness.
Cover thickness: a range of possible thickness values of the cover being configured.
Color: color of the curve.
Weight: line weight.
Type: line type.