Arrangement of parts views

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Accessed via the menu: Components output to drawing -> Part -> Arrangement of views


AutoPlot Part Drawing Composition


Arrangement of part views in output area panel is used to specify the views to be used for the visualisation of a part in a drawing. Holding the cursor on the view box for a while will open view color options:


Rendering options

Wireframe representation.

Wireframe representation with hidden lines.

Rendered view with the colors of the piece of furniture.


Base View Alignment: allows specifying the orientation of a part in the centre view. Available options:


Align by longest edge  - according to the longest edge.


Align by grain direction - according to the grain direction.


Turn to processing side   - Rotates the part with the processing side facing the viewer.


Drawing Turn Part to Top Side   - atsuka detalę pagrindiniu paviršiumi (Top Face) į viršų.



Scale allows choosing the scale of the part view. Auto option always recalculates view scales so that the view fits into an output area. Otherwise, when the selected scale is specified, only the start point coordinates of the output area from the output area settings are used. In this case, the area size is not taken into account.


Iso View Scale Factor: allows specifying the scale factor for an isometric view. Scale factor is taken from the base view scale.