Introduction to Assembly Copier

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Assembly Copier provides powerful capabilities to make a copy of the product assembly designed in Autodesk Inventor software. Have you ever faced these questions:



  How to design a new product on a basis of old one, but leave the original product      unchanged?

  How easily rename file names for all product components?

  How automatically assign part numbers for all components in the product?

  How to quickly get an independent copy for design experiments?

  How to copy referenced files such as drawings and presentations?


Assembly Copier is the answer for all the above. Simply choose an assembly, the software will find all referenced parts, subassemblies, drawings, Inventor presentations and derived parts. Decide which components must be copied and which need to be reused from the old product, select a numbering scheme - the rest will be done automatically by Assembly Copier.

Assembly Copier has extensive functionality for numbering of new components. You may choose one of existing templates or type in manually a new part number for any component. It's the tool for accelerating and streamlining your product design tasks.


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