Assembly copying problem

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In assembly modeling, you combine parts and subassemblies to form an assembly that functions as a single unit. Parts and subassemblies are related to one another by assembly constraints. You can edit individual parts or the entire assembly. But assembly components are linked together by complex relation system. You cannot modify assembly component without special tools. For example if you rename or move lot of assembly's component Autodesk lost relations an assembly will be damaged. You can try repair this links manually but it is long and complex process. The Inventor's Resolve Link dialog box opens if the automatic search for a referenced file fails when the referencing file is opened. The automatic search fails to find a file if:

Paths to referenced files are not specified in the active project.

The referenced file or a folder that contained it was renamed, moved, or deleted, and no longer exists within any of the storage locations defined by the active project.

The file was moved from one library to another.

The file was moved from one sub folder to another within a storage location or a library.

The file was moved from one sub folder to another within a storage location.

For this reason you must use special tools to copy assemblies with correctly managed links between files. One of this tools is Assembly Copier.