Material Group assignment

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Material Group assignment

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Material assignment Tab

Material assignment Tab


ExpandedComponents selection

Components selection can be accomplished in several ways:


Pick component by picking components on display. If you will keep the CTRL button down through selection, you will deselect the component.


Selection by filter by applying a filter. On the Pull-Down list, select Part's iProperty which you prefer to establish as criteria for selection. Part Name, Description and Category fields can be specified as selection criteria. In the text window bellow, you can specify a mask of selection. For example, criteria of selection is Category, mask of selection - "C*". Such a filter will select all Woodwork4Inventor parts. Start selection by pushing on the funnel button. If you do nott select any part, the operation will be applied to all "C*" category parts automatically.


Ask material by asking material and selecting all components with the same Material Group. When you push Ask material group you can pick any component which has an applied Material Group. The Material Group of this part will be set as current. The next button selects all parts that have the same as current (selected for assignment) Material Group.


You can combine selection methods. For example, select components by category and in addition select component by pick.


ExpandedMaterial Group selection

Material Group Pull Down List


Current material button allows to call up the Pull-Down list of Material Groups. By selecting a record, you can set a current material. Under the of current material button (see Figure material Assignment Tab) color style associated with this Material Group is seen. Material Code and Opacity are presented as well. In any moment of design you can click Material group database and enter the Material Group data base editor.


Material Group Editor

Material Group Editor


You can enter a new material group by filling data in an empty row of the data grid.


Name field is dedicated to short Material Group description.

Code - some code which allows identify Material Group.

Picture filename and Texture shows the file used for the creation of Material Group color style. An open file dialog appears when you two click the Texture field twice.

Opacity field is for specifying the opacity of a material. The lower the vakue is, the more translucent the Autodesk Inventor Material Color style is created.


This data grid can also serve as Material Group selection tool. You can sort the data by clicking any Column Header button. If you click the left empty column cell, you will select this material and after clicking OK this material becomes current.


ExpandedMaterial assignment

Apply material atssigns material to selected components. If you have not selected any component all components with category "C*" will be selected and th Material Group will be applied to them. An exception is applied to the components which haves Units category "C03". After the assignment to set is complete, the set of components beaing dealt with becomes empty.


Important! If you make a Part copy or mirror by Autodesk Inventor assembly design features, you need to reattach the Material Group to the Part. Otherwise Woodwork4Inventor recognize the Part as having no material.


Refresh materialbutton refreshes the material. It is used when you have a model from another user and you may not have the same Material Group or Edge Banding Group on your database. In such a case Woodwork4Inventor diagnoses such inadequacy and proposes to replace such a Material Group with a group from your database. This function is also used when you change the type of the component and you need to render your components based on the part type. For example C01 category (Timber) parts do not show the edges of the part.



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