Cut out holes command

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Cut out holes command

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The Drill Holes command drills holes according to the placed Hardware Component. For automatic drill, Components should meet necessary requirements for drill operation (you can find more details in Hardware for Woodwor4Inventor creating example) .


The Drill Holes command is available from the Furniture Design Ribbon.


Furniture Design->Drill HolesDrill Holes


Drill Holes command


expandedComponents selection

Selection of components can be accomplished in several ways:


Pick component by picking components on display. If you will keep the CTRL button down through selection, you will deselect the component.


Selection by filter by applying a filter. On the Pull-Down list, select Part's iProperty which you prefer to establish as the criteria for selection. Part Name, Description and Category fields can be specified as selection criteria. In the text window bellow you can specify mask of selection. For example, the criteria of selection is Category, mask of selection - "C*". Such a filter will select all Woodwork4Inventor parts. Start selection by pushing the funnel button. If you do not select any part, the operation will automatically be applied to all C* category parts.


expandedDrill Holes

Drill Drills holes on a selected components


expandedRemove Drills

Drill Remove Removes Drilled Holes. Woodwork4Inventor through using the drill holes command always removes previously drilled holes and drill them again. But sometimes you need to have "clear" parts. It is especially it useful when you need to generate BOM for the model with big amount parts. In this case, when holes are removed, the part size calculation algorithm runs faster.