Command description

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The sculpt processing operation is available.


Woodwork CAM -> Groove Sculpt Processing Operation Command


Sculpt Processing Dialog




Select Deselect

Allows to select/remove from the set all possible sculpt processing operations on a given part. By default, if the given operations have not yet been created on the part, the dialog is opened with the already created set, which automatically includes the sculpting operations not yet included in the CAM technology. Clicking on the "Apply" button will add all the operations of the set to the CAM technology. The user can clear the set and select only the desired sculpting operations for inclusion in the CAM.


Component  Macro Deffinitions

Cutting Componet

Displays a list of possible sculpting operations (Sculpt Processing) to be registered on the given part. Each entry of a possible operation can be expanded to show a detailed list of JS Macro definitions with the specified Solid Body associated with the given Macro definition.



Macro Name

JS Macro definition name.



The name of the plane to which the given definition can be associated.



Creates sculpting operations (Sculpt Processing) included in the set.