Autoplotting bundles

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The command starts automatic plotting of the drawing bundle. The plotting is performed for the open and active component. Such component may include an Autodesk Inventor Part or Assembly.


To open the command, go to:


Woodwork Design –> Auto Plot –> Plot autoprint_24x24


Auto Plot Start 2


1.Shows the active material replacement configuration, the data of which will be used to generate drawings.


2. Selection of the auto plot template. Based on the selected template, a relevant drawing bundle is formed. The pre-designed templates are located at:


  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor\2023\v13\Auto Plot templates


3.Selecting a location for saving auto plotted drawings.


4.Specifying that drawings are to be saved in the active path (location) of the auto plotted component.


5.Opening a selected template for editing.