Command description

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To open the Sizing by Saw command:


Woodwork CAM -> Sizing->By Saw Sizing By Saw Icon



Sizing by Mill Operation dialog



In order for the command to run smoothly, the user has to follow a certain order of specifying the data. The description of the command control in the sequence to be followed when working with milling command window is provided below.


hmtoggle_plus1Specifying the spindle


Two spindles have to be specified for a sizing operation: Spindle for Front and Back Cut and Spindle for Left and Right Cut.


Sizing by Saw Choose spindle


The spindle and the tool are selected from the drop-down list. The main information of the tool loaded on the spindle is provided below. In order to view full details of the spindle, click the information button. Spindle Info Botton. The spindle data editing window is opened. In this window, the user can edit all data related to cutting modes (cutting feedrate, spindle rotation speed, etc.). Changed data can be saved:

1.Update properties only for selected operation - overwrite changed properties only for the current operation.
2.Update properties in all operations in current technology - overwrite changed properties for all operations in the current technology.
3.Update properties for database - overwrite changed properties in the database.


The command remembers the last selected spindles and their loaded tools. If during the next run of the command the same spindle with the tool is used, the user does not need to select it again.


hmtoggle_plus1Setting cutting direction


Groove cut direction


Scoring Cut


Material cutting operation has characteristics that require a more complicated setting of tool cutting direction than in the similar groove cutting operation. When cutting over the whole depth of the saw, there is a risk that the teeth coming out of the material can damage the surface of the part (see figure below). In order to avoid this, two passes are performed:


First, cutting the surface of the part (Scoring Pass).

Second, complete cutting off a piece of the part (Main Cut).



Cut surface damages

Prescoring cut


If the command orders the scoring pass, the cutting type can be adjusted for both the scoring pass and the main cut.


When setting the cutting direction in a cut operation, two options are possible for each pass:


Main Cut:


Climb Cutting

Climbing Cutting


Conventional Cutting

Conventional cutting



Scoring pass:


Climb Cut from left

Climbing cutting


Conventional cut from right

Conventional cutting



The cutting option that corresponds to the cutting feedrate is by default suggested for both passes.



hmtoggle_plus1Managing the the depth of surface cut


Scoring Pass control


The following options are available for the scoring pass:


Prescoring cut off

Scoring Cut Off

Scoring pass disabled.

Proescoring cut on  

Scoring Cut On

Scoring pass enabled.

Prescoring on Half  

Scoring pass depth on half thickness of part

The depth of the surface cut is equal to half of the thickness of the processed part. If this option is disabled, specific cutting depth can be entered in the field next to it.

hmtoggle_plus1Setting the excess saw cutting depth

Cut Breakthrough

Setting the depth of saw blade protrusion beyond the lower surface of the part during a cutting operation.



hmtoggle_plus1Setting the cutting allowance withdrawing the saw from the marked surface


Cut allowace


Setting the saw withdrawal distance from the cut surface.