Selecting location for copying

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The location for copying is indicated in the New Dir tab.


new Dir



1.The button allowing the user to open a standard command for specifying the destination path on the computer. At the same time, the user may create a new Directory here where the copy of the assembly to be copied is planned to be placed.


2.By clicking on the button, the specified path is applied to all components selected for copying.


3.Rename/iProperties edit mode – switch over to the Rename/iProperties editing status. When the box is checked, the copying program switches to the rename status. This means that components will be renamed but not copied. After switching over to this status, you will notice that the path indication function becomes inactive. If the assembly was opened from the Autodesk Inventor environment, opening the assembly rename command will automatically close the components that were opened in the Autodesk Inventor environment.


4.Keep internal directory structure – a request to retain the catalogue structure during copying if the components of the assembly being copied are placed in sub-catalogues.