Drawing refresh

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It is necessary to refresh drawings in several situations:

1.The drawing was created using Autodesk Inventor tools and the user wants the drawing to include information generated by the Woodwork for Inventor add-on.
2.The drawing was modified because the structure was edited, so it is necessary to refresh Woodwork for Inventor information.
3.The company introduced changes to plotting templates, so the drawings need to be refreshed.


The user can:

1.Refresh drawings through Woodwork for Inventor settings configured for the drawing at the time of generation using Woodwork for Inventor AutoPlot function. This method is generally applied, when the structure of the product changes or the user introduces local changes to some of the Woodwork for Inventor plotting settings in a single drawing. This method does not work with drawing files generated using Autodesk Inventor tools only.
2.Refresh drawings based on the specified Woodwork for Inventor plotting template. In this case, all settings will be copied from the template and applied to the generated drawing. This method is usually applied in cases where drawings have no Woodwork for Inventor settings.



The functioning of the drawing refresh function is described in the following sections:


Setting up drawing refresh parameters

Drawing refresh function