Changing the order of operations priority

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The user can change the order of priority of operations. The function can be accessed in the side browser by pointing to the operation node via the context menu.



Operations reordering



After calling the command, dialog box opens showing current order of priority of operations.


Reorder operations dialog



The position of the operation in the order can be changed as follows:


1.Select the operation with cursor (hold "Shift" or "Ctrl" keys to select several operations) and, without releasing the right mouse button, drag the operation to the desired position in the table.


2.The position of selected operations can be changed by clicking Operations order up or Operations order down.



Auto Order: is designed for automatic arrangement of operations according to behavior settings of CAM solver.


Important. Woodwork for Inventor CAM Post-processors generate program texts to intermediary CAM systems, such as Woodwop, IMAwop, etc. rather than the G-code, which directly controls machine tools. Therefore, this defined processing order can be realized differently, since these systems can follow their own internal logic for the order of priority of operations.