Assembly Copier Activation

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please activate Assembly Copier


Assembly Copier is commercial software product so you need buy unique key to activate it and remove trial limitation for full functionality.

After you install Assembly Copier trial period will begin. Try Assembly Copier free for 30 days. If you enjoy our product and you want to by it please type your Name in registration form name field and press "Get your key".

Activation window

Please fill required fields.

After you send us registration request we contact you and explain how to buy Assembly Copier and get software key. After you get Assembly Copier key simple start the program and paste it into key field.


Things you must to know about registration

Hardware based keys

Warning! Assembly Copier keys are hardware based! This mean that you must send us activation request from the same computer on which you will work with Assembly Copier OR send us this computer Hardware ID. Assembly Copier will activate only on this machine.

Don't roll back timer

Warning! Don't rollback system timer! This may result in permanently lock of Assembly Copiers trial version! This not affect registered software.

For more information contact us