Merging BOMs

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The command allows merging several assemblies into one production order specification.


To open the command, go to:


W4I BOM –> MergeBOM W4I_Bom_MainView_MergeBom


A file search window will appear in which you can select a *.wbom file. The content of the file will be read and the generated BOM will be included into the content of the BOM that has already been opened. The included BOM is treated as an assembly and marked with the W4I_Bom_MainView_BOMFileItem symbol.


In the Quantity column, you can change the quantity of the product included in the BOM. In this way you can form a production order by including required products.


A contextual (right-click) menu has a Remove from BOM command which allows the user to remove a BOM from a list.