Configuration of displayed columns

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The Woodwork for Inventor BOM generator allows the user to configure the display of the columns representing assembly data in the screen.


To open the command, go to:


W4I BOM –> ChooseColumns W4I_Bom_MainView_ChooseColumns



A window will open displaying the following fields:


Code - corresponds to the Part Name field in the iProperties tab.
Name - corresponds to the Description field in the iProperties tab.
Path - file path.
Bom structure - defines the component type.
Quantity - the value of this field depends on the context in which a datum is displayed. If it is a/an:
Assembly - quantity is displayed in units.
Part - quantity is displayed in units.
Workpiece - quantity is displayed in units
Material - depending on the material type, a quantity in which the material is estimated can be displayed: length, width, volume.

Depending on what is displayed in a row (a part, a workpiece, or a material), the data in the nodes are displayed defining their following parameters:



The following can be additionally displayed about a material:

Appearance Code
Appearance Name
Covering Side


The enabling/disabling of these fields is performed by checking appropriate boxes. The sequential order of the columns in the screen can be changed by Move Up, Move Down buttons.