BOM generator

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In this section, you will learn how to generate product specifications.

If you restart Autodesk Inventor after closing it, you will find your unfinished assembly model under the name TBL.iam in the project workspace catalogue Samples/My Table.

Open the specification generation command:

Woodwork Design –> BOM –> BOM w4i_bom32


In the Structured Data window, click on the item TBL 01. Right-click to open the context menu and start the Expand selected command. You will then see an expanded composition of the TBL 01 part.

Go to replacement



hmtoggle_plus1Creating new replacement configuration
hmtoggle_plus1Material color configuration
hmtoggle_plus1Linking the replacement window data to MS Excel worksheet columns
hmtoggle_plus1Material color replacement by selecting MS Excel worksheet data row
hmtoggle_plus1Replacement settings for purchased products
hmtoggle_plus1BOM header filling
hmtoggle_plus1Exporting BOM into Excel file
hmtoggle_plus1Saving BOM in the XML format