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In this section of the tutorial you will learn how to plot a bundle of assembly drawings.

If you restart Autodesk Inventor after closing it, you will find your unfinished assembly model under the name TBL.iam in the project workspace catalogue Samples/My Table.

Start the specification generator command:

Woodwork Design –> Auto Plot -> Auto Plot autoprint_24x24





If you have followed the steps we have discussed in this tutorial for BOM generation, then in the Material Replace Configuration drop-down list, select material replacement configuration (Table).

1.Template file - click the file dialogas button to open the select file dialog. Then go to the file catalogue located at:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Woodwork for Inventor 2014 v5\Auto Plot Templates

and select a printing template Each Component to separate Sheet & Hole Tables.idw.

2.Select Active document directory.

3. Click "Start Plot".


A progress indicator will appear.

After the process is complete, the program will offer to open the generated drawing bundle.