Creating a new cabinet based on the prototype model

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Creating a new cabinet based on the prototype model

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A task similar to renaming is copying of a design. This AssemblyCopier4Inventor functionality allows to make legacy data easy to use in a new design, by copying it and modifying for new needs. Let us copy assembly and modify it. For this purpose we need to the following:


1. Open assembly (iam) in Autodesk Inventor or specify it in Assembly Copier4Inventor.

2. Start Assembly Copier4Inventor

3. Specify the Copy regime of Assembly Copier4Inventor

4. Specify the copy design destination directory

5. Rename the File Name field by applying Tree Counter scheme

6. Copy File Name field values to Part Name fields

7. Start the Copy procedure

8. Open a new copy in Autodesk Inventor. Now you can apply any design modifications to the copied design


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