The purpose of Woodwork for Inventor

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Woodwork for Inventor is an add-on for the Autodesk Inventor mechanical design software which provides increased efficiency and facilitates the design process by automating routine tasks performed by furniture constructors. This add-on operates within the Autodesk Inventor environment, thus the user of this program is given a high degree of freedom in creating components for wooden products. Woodwork for Inventor adds new functionality to Autodesk Inventor which allow for quick and efficient design of wooden products and automates the preparation of information for manufacturing.


Woodwork for Inventor adds the following features to Autodesk Inventor:


Enables assignment of materials used in furniture production.
Enables management of material texture direction and oversizes.
Simplifies and accelerates the arrangement of hardware in the assembly and automates mortise cutting.
Automates the preparation of reports required for the manufacturing of the completed piece of furniture.
Automatically prepares CNC programs.
Enables transfer of design data to Autodesk Vault software for the proper team work.