Setting up drawing refresh parameters

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The command is used to specify all that needs to be refreshed in a Woodwork for Inventor drawing.


To open the command, go to:

(Drawing environment) Woodwork Design -> Drawing -> Refresh settings Drawing refresh Settings



Drawing refresh settings dialog



Template file: selects a Woodwork for Inventor drawing template whose printing settings will be copied to the generated file and used to refresh the drawing.


Refresh options. Here, the user can choose between two refresh methods:


1.Copy settings: means that this option will be taken from the drawing template and applied to the generated drawing. This option is active only if Woodwork for Inventor plotting template was selected.
2.Refresh: means that this option will be taken from the generated file and applied when refreshing the drawing. This option is available only if the file that is being refreshed was created using the AutoPlot function. To include Woodwork for Inventor information in the drawing, it is necessary to select a Woodwork for Inventor plotting template and copy its settings to the generated drawing.


The user can choose which Woodwork for Inventor drawing plotting parameters should be refreshed:


View composition and output area: if this option is selected, all views are deleted and refreshed. All other options surrounded by a rectangular in the dialog box will also be refreshed. If this option was not selected, view composition in the drawing remains as it is at the given point of drawing refresh:
Visualisation style: refreshes visualisation style.
Range box: refreshes information about range boxes.
Edge band marking: refreshes information about edge banding.
Hole Table: refreshes information about hole tables.
Labels and keywords: refreshes information under all keywords in labels and Title Blocks.


Exported files: rewrites or retrieves exported files.


Parent keywords: refreshes information under keywords for parent component nodes displayed in the drawing view. To access this option, it is necessary to specify parent node component (assembly).


Hide sculpt surface bodies - hides sculpting bodies in parts. Woodwork for Inventor creates holes in parts by sculpting body surfaces, described by furniture hardware. Nominally, these bodies are not represented in the drawings, but in some cases, for unknown reasons, Autodesk Inventor shows them in the drawings. Forced hiding of such bodies is provided for such cases
Hide sculpt solid bodies - hides sculpting bodies in hardware shown in assembly drawings. Please note that the use of this function may have a significant impact on the speed of refresh of large assembly drawings.


Top parent path - indicates the parent item of the component represented in the drawing. It is necessary where keywords providing information about the parent item are used in the drawings. For example, where the user needs to know the code of the cabinet, to which the part represented in the drawing belongs.


These drawing refresh settings apply as long as no changes are made to them.