CNC technology simulation

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For the purpose of testing created CNC technologies, Woodwork for Inventor plug-in has a CNC Technology Simulator. During the simulation, the user can visually see the movement of the tool during processing. In addition, he/she can see how the tool takes the material out of the workpiece. The user can stop the simulation and any time and make a copy of the created face shell. It may be used for processing analysis or comparison of the designed part body with the processing result.


Opening the Command


Woodwork CAM->Technology->Simulation CAM Simulation


Simulator Main Window





Selecting the operation of the tool, whose CNC technology will be simulated.



Selecting the clamping, which will be simulated. If there are several clamping options available, all clamping options may be simulated in a single simulation. Then follows the information about the simulated operation.


Simulation Step Length


Allows the user to set the tool step during simulation, if the step slider is set to maximum. One simple movement is set as simulation step.

Play Simulation

Running the simulation.

Pause Simulation

The simulation is paused.

Restart Simulation

The simulation is complete. Click the button to restart the simulation.

Go Forward Simulation

Going straight to the end of the current simulated operation.

Go Backward Simulation

Going to the beginning of the current simulated operation.

Go to the end of Simulation

Going to the end of the whole simulation.

Go to start of Simulation

Going to the beginning of the whole simulation.

Generate Simulation Surface Shell


When the simulation is complete or paused, the simulation result may be saved as face shell for further analysis.

Simulation Settings

Additional settings of simulator operating modes.



Additional Options of Simulator



View Options

Show Workpiece

Enables/disables workpiece display during simulation.

Show Tool

Enables/disables tool display during simulation.

Workpiece Translucent

Enables/disables workpiece transparency.

Tool Translucent

Enables/disables tool transparency.

Show Tool Trajectory

Enables/disables the display of tool trajectory of the simulated operation.


Simulation Result


Delete Cut Offs

Enables/disables the removal of workpiece bits remaining after operation.

Save Simulation on Exit

Enables/disables automatic saving of face shell when closing the simulation command.


Pause after each


Operation completed

Enables/disables automating stopping/pausing of the simulator after simulation of each operation.

Pass completed

Enables/disables automating stopping/pausing of the simulator after simulation of each operation shift. For example, during stepdown milling, the simulator will stop after the removal of each layer.