Manual creation of CAM technology for shape nesting

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In order to start nesting design, each part must have CAM technology created. It can be created automatically or manually. The technology is created manually as follows:


hmtoggle_plus1Open CAM environment


CAM environment can be opened in several ways, which are described in detail in the section Opening the CAM environment and requirements for workflow steps.


The simplest way to access it is to open a part with assigned Woodwork for Inventor material and open CAM environment through the toolbar:


Woodwork Design->1. Manufacturing-technology-32z32


hmtoggle_plus1Set a Job


Woodwork CAM->Job Job Icon


Job Creation for nesting


A detailed description of the functioning of the command is available in the section Job creation.


hmtoggle_plus1Create the required CAM processing technology


Once the device for CAM technology is specified, the clamping must be set, at the same time specifying the base point for the part in CAM technology.


Woodwork CAM->Clamping Clamping Icon


Nesting Clamping Dialog


If a nesting routing process was created, the clamping command is slightly different from the clamping used in CNC workcentres.

The differences are as follows:


1.Clamping cannot be used for a workpiece.
2.Clamping applies only to the state “part without covers”.
3.When creating clamping, contour processing operation “Nesting” is automatically included. Nesting contour is determined automatically or prepared manually.


Thus, if a nesting routing process and clamping are created, a part can be included in the Nesting program for shape nesting design.


However, if a full CAM technology is necessary, the remaining CNC operations have to be created.