Job creation

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Following the workflow requirements necessary for creating CAM technological operations, first the user has to create a Job. In other words, you need to select a CNC machine for which the program will be created. To open the Job creation command, go to:


Woodwork CAM -> Job Job Icon



A Job creation dialog window will appear.



Job Creation for nesting




Dropdown list of CNC machines registered in the CAM database of Woodwork for Inventor add-on. More information about CNC machines is presented in this section. The list also contains an entry "Use CNC equipment by material settings” which means that a Job will be created for the machine included in the material description. Click here for more information. If the material does not have a CNC machine assigned to it, the Job will not be created. In such event, it is necessary to select a specific machine.


Controller name

Name of the control system.



A brief description of the selected machine.


Create Nesting Processing

Checking the box for the type of processing for which the job is created.


If the box is left unchecked, a job for CNC workcentre will be created.

If a box is checked, a job for CNC nesting router will be created.


CNC Work Center Processing


CNC Nesting Router Processing

May include many clamping options.


Only one clamping option is available If necessary, another job must be created for subsequent clampings.

Clamping options support various technological states of a workpiece: workpiece, part without covers, part with covers, etc.


The clamping option supports one state of a workpiece: part without covers.

Clamping corners can be selected.


Clamping corners can be selected.

Outer contour of the part is not created and is not processed separately.


Always has a special external loop following operation. The contour is generated automatically when creating the clamping.

A CNC program is generated for each clamping option of the part.

All parts of an item with a created CNC technology for Nesting Router are collected and transmitted to the Nesting program. It carries out the design of shape nesting and CNC program output and obtains other information necessary for the process.


Select Nesting Processing configuration


Specifying the shape nesting processing configuration.

Create Job

Starts command execution.



Cancels command execution.


The result of the command’s execution is the creation of a Job node which becomes a current node in the side browser. We proceed by setting the base point for the CAM technological operation.


The Job node in the side browser has a context menu which can be opened by clicking the right mouse button (RMB). A single option can be selected in this menu:


Delete: deletes the given Job. One should bear in mind that by deleting the job we also delete the entire CAM technology created for this job.