Operation visualization and control in the side browser

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Once an operation has been created within the side browser, a Groove operation’s node will appear.

Let us look at the content of this node and editing options for this operation.


Groove browser tree



hmtoggle_plus1Content of the operation node


1. Groove operation node. The operation is assigned with the name "Groove sawing" and the order number. Also next to it is presented a tool diameter separated by a hyphen.


2. Spindle data along with the data of the tool mounted in the spindle. Next to this, in the last rows of this data block, the following information is provided:


a.Max, Grooving depth: maximum allowable grooving depth which is obtained after subtracting a tool holder diameter from the tool diameter and dividing it by two.
b.Tool overlap: the value of the tool overlap.

3. The geometry block contains information as to where each separate trajectory generated for each groove to be cut is registered. The following data is stored here:


a.Width: Groove width.
b.Depth : Groove depth.
c.Landing: Setting the landing of the tool. If the groove has both open ends, this option is not included in the node tree.
d.Cleaning pass: the status of the cleaning pass (On/Off).



hmtoggle_plus1Editing operation settings in the side browser


The operation node has the following context menu:


Mill Context menu




Allows the user to turn off/turn on the inclusion of the operation into the CNC program.

Find In View

Finds all the operation’s elements in the graphic view and zooms them in.


Reorder operations

Change the order of the operation in the tree. About order operation changes read here.



Displays the spindle data window. In it, the following data can be changed:


1. Cutting feedrate: the speed at which the cutter moves with respect to the work material.

1.Rotation speed: rotation speed of the spindle.
2.Tool direct landing feedrate: the feedrate of the landing of the tool to the material.
3.Tool approach to contour feedrate: the feedrate of the approach of the tool to the mill contour.
4.Tool withdrawal from contour feedrate: the feedrate of the withdrawal of the tool from the contour.



Deletes the operation.


hmtoggle_plus1Editing the geometry block


The groove geometry node has the following context menu:

Groove geometry edit




Excludes/includes the outputting of the groove to the CNC program.

Find In View

Finds the groove cut in the graphic view and zooms it on.

Reverse direction

Reverses the cut direction.


Deletes the groove cut. If this is the only one cut in the operation, the entire operation will also be deleted.



Also, the following parameters of the sub-nodes of the geometry node can be edited:

Tool overlap

Double click

Enters a new tool overlap value. The result of the changed value is not reflected in the graphic view. This value will affect the generation of the CNC program.



Double click

Switches between two available options: Prevent detph/Prevent length.

Cleaning pass

Double click

Turns on/turns off the cleaning pass.