Accessed via the menu: Export Options


Here, you can set up parameters of export to other formats.


Exprot options dialogas



Link exported file to idw drawing: this option means that a reference to the exported file will be generated for .idw file as a 3rd Party item. It is useful when a Check In to Autodesk Vault PDM system is performed. In such a case, the exported file is automatically added to PDM system together with the .idw drawing file.


Link exported file to source of idw views: this option means that the exported file will be added to the component file that was used as a source when generating the component view in the drawing as a 3rd Party reference. It is different from the previous option in that here, the exported file is linked to the component rather than the drawing.


Exporting to the following file formats is possible:



Important! If Woodwork for Inventor was installed immediately after installing Autodesk Inventor, export functions may not work, because Autodesk Inventor does not have its own add-on for exporting drawings to other formats. The user will receive the appropriate message from Woodwork for Inventor. You can solve this issue by exporting a drawing to the desired format using Files -> Export command. Once this is done, Autodesk Inventor loads the add-on and such problems are avoided in the future.