Cutting component types

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The following component types can be used as cutting components:




A component that is part of Woodwork for Inventor cannot be a cutting component. This refers to a component of Autodesk Inventor Normal type with an assigned Woodwork for Inventor material. If you want to use the same model, but you want to insert it with different parameters that control the shape of the part and therefore the Macro content, then it is advisable to use the Place iLogic Component command. And then expose the already inserted component in the construction context with the Hardware Attach command.




For this type of component, the JS Macro definition is written when editing in iFactory. The whole Woodwork for Inventor Macro mechanism makes sure that each iMember, after the component has been inserted into the Assembly context and the Sculpt operation has been performed on it, carries the values of the parameters of that iMember to be used in the JS Macro interpretation.


hmtoggle_plus1Madel State component


Component with different Model State. The Macro mechanism does not interpret the Model State itself in any way, but it does interpret the parameters of a particular instance (Occurrence) that may be affected by the selected Model State.