Operation visualization and control in the side browser

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Once the operation is created, the Sizing by Mill operation item appears in the side browser.

We will look at the content of this item and operation editing possibilities.


Sizing by Mill Browser view


hmtoggle_plus1Content of the operation item


1.Sizing operation item. The operation is given a name (Sizing by Mill) and sequence number. The tool diameter is specified after a dash.


2.Spindle data and the data of the loaded tool. Other information provided in the bottom lines of this data block:
2.The geometry block contains the information, where each individual generated trajectory is registered as a contour: The following data is provided here:
a.Thickness - Height of the milled contour.
b.Depth - Milling depth calculating from the working surface to the tip of the tool during final step.
c.Breakthrough - Excess milling depth value.
d.Step over - Layer-by-layer milling depth.
e.Loop Radius - Corner bypass loop size.
f.Landing - The method of tool landing. In this operation, only Direct Landing is used and it is not editable.
g.Lead In - Value of approach to milling contour.
h.Lead Out - Value of withdrawal of the tool from the milling contour.


hmtoggle_plus1Editing operation settings in the side browser


The operation item has the following context menu:


Mill Context menu




Enabling/disabling inclusion operation in CNC programme.


Find In View

Finding all operation elements in the graphic display and zooming in.


Reorder operations

Changes the sequence of operations in the tree. More information about changing the sequence of operations is available here.



Displays the spindle data window. In the window, the following properties may be edited:

1.Cutting feedrate
2.Rotation speed
3.Tool direct landing feedrate
4.Tool approach to contour feedrate
5.Tool withdrawal from contour feedrate



Delete operation



Changing the trajectory calculation method


Tool offset - clicking twice on this item changes the tool offset method from Software to Hardware and vice versa.


Editing data in the geometry block


The name of the geometry item may be changed. Contextual menu for the geometry item contains the following options:


Sizing By Mill Contour edit




Disables/enables contour geometry into CNC programme output.


Find In View

Finds the tool trajectory in the graphic display and zooms in.



Deletes the trajectory. If the operation has only one processed contour and it is deleted, the whole operation item is deleted at the same time.




Double click

Entering a new value. The depth parameter value is subsequently changed.


Double click

Entering a new value. The result is represented only in the CNC programme.


Loop Radius

Double click

Switching to direct specification of numerical value of the loop radius in the browser.


Lead In Length

Double click

Switching to direct specification of numerical value of the approach distance in the browser.


Lead Out

Double click

Switching to direct specification of numerical value of the withdrawal distance in the browser.