The user may select a range of options for the copying command controlling the command operational features.


The option selection is opened by clicking the button. Options


This opens the window:


Assembly Copier Setting dialog


Display Columns - manages the columns displayed in the Assembly Copier window.
Items handling - determines how various types of files should be treated by the Assembly Copier.
General settings - enables choosing the language and managing the processing of program errors.
Linked files control - determines how files generated while using Woodwork for Inventor and linked to the appropriate components should be treated during the copying.
Library components location - determines the location in the disc to which library components are to be copied.


hmtoggle_plus1Display Columns


AC Display Columns settings



Determines what kind of data about the components will be displayed in the columns. The user can see column headers in the navigation window of the Assembly Copier. In the dropdown list of data fields, the user can choose any iProperty of an Autodesk Inventor component so that it can be displayed as a column in the navigation window. Clicking the plus icon next to the dropdown list will add the selected field to the list of displayed headings. Here, you can enter Custom iProperty name. This allows the user not only to view and operate the standard Autodesk Inventor component fields, but also export and change the custom field values. Clicking the red cross icon will remove the specified column from the navigation window. If you select the field using the cursor, you will be able to insert it into a new position in the line; this is how you change the order of priority of the columns in the Assembly Copier navigation window.


If you select the heading field on the left side of the dialog box, you will be able to specify the prefix and/or suffix to be used for the field value being renamed/copied. Depending on the component type, skeleton files can be identified in the copying process and they would have a prefix Skeleton in the file name.



AC Property naming rules Settings



The following file types are recognised:


Parts that are derived from an assembly component.



AC Assembly derivation

Assembly component files that are used as the source for deriving.

AC Part derivation

Part component files that are used as the source for deriving.

AC Sheet metal

Sheet metal part files.

AC Assembly Drawing

Assembly drawing files.

AC Part drawing

Part drawings.

Skardos lankstinio brėžinys

Sheet metal part drawings.

AC Mixed drawing

Mixed drawing files of various types of components.

AC Prezentation drawing

Presentation files.



hmtoggle_plus1Items handling


The way the Assembly Copier treats files during the copying process depends on the file type.


AC Items handling settings



The following treatment models are possible:


AC Copy - Copy. The file is copied and all its links are copied to the new file. All subcomponents (if any) are also copied.


AC Reuse - Reuse. The old file is reused or left. All links in the copied files remain with the old file.  All subcomponents (if any) are also left.


AC Copy Some - Partial Copy. Shows that the file contains links to other subcomponents and some of them can be copied, while others remain during the copying process.


AC not show  - Do not load. Components that do not load and are not displayed in the window. To reduce the volume of displayed information, these components can be hidden, but they will remain in the copied item as components reused by the Assembly Copier.


AC Behave by type - Behave by type. Components that are stored in Autodesk Inventor project specified in the library or Content Center path can have additional behaviour model. This is a request to behave as components behave depending on their BOM type. For example, if you have a Normal component, it will behave as Normal components should according to the description. If you have a Purchased component, it will behave as a Purchased component.


In the additional fields of Linked files, the user can freely specify additional file types and their behaviour.



hmtoggle_plus1General settings


Here, you can choose the language and enable or disable information transfer to the developer of the program in case of errors.



hmtoggle_plus1Linked files control


The user can define how files linked to Autodesk Inventor components should be treated. You can choose to break the links during copying/renaming.


Important! The links will only be broken for files generated and linked by Woodwork for Inventor. Meanwhile other links have to be managed using Autodesk Inventor.



hmtoggle_plus1Library components location


If the settings provide that library components can be copied, the user can specify their location during the copying. If such path is not specified, these components will be transferred to the same directory as components from Workspace (by default).



hmtoggle_plus1Tree counter naming


Assembly Copier Tree Counter naming options


Here you can adjust the rules for automatic assignment of new names to interrelated files. For example, if you want that the part and its drawing have the same name or the name be attached to the component via a reference or a MS Excel file be renamed and have the same name as the component. For such file pairs, only their extensions will be different.