Operation visualization and control in the side browser

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Operation visualization in the side browser and editing options


In the side browser, nodes are created which show the data of the drill operation. If you place the cursor on this node, the graphic view will display the holes participating in the operation as red-colored cylinders.


Drill browser view



Content of the drill operation


1.A Drill operation node.
2.Spindle data along with the tool placed in it.
3.A drilled hole node with an indicated hole depth.



Editing and control options


The following can be changed and control for the operation node:

1.Operation name. To do this, you simply need to place the cursor on the node and click the left mouse button (LMB). A text edit window will appear where you can specify the chosen operation name.


2.Bring up the context menu of the operation node. To do this, you need to bring up a context menu on the operation node using the right mouse button (RMB). After selecting a required item from this menu, you can change or control the following:
a.Properties: Operation’s properties. A spindle properties window will appear where you can change:
i.Cutting feedrate: the feedrate of cutting.
ii.Rotation speed: Rotation speed of the spindle.
iii.Tool withdrawal feedrate: the speed at which the tool is withdrawn from the hole.


The above spindle changes can be posted at the following levels:

Update properties only for selected operation
Update properties in all operations in current technology
Update properties for database

b. Reorder operations: Change the order of the operation in the tree. About order operation changes read here.


c.Excluded/Included: allows the user to change the operation’s status from Included to Excluded and vice-versa. Excluded operations are not included in the final CNC program.


d. Delete: deletes the operation.


e. Find in View: finds the operation’s holes in the graphic view.



Each operation has its own Geometry container containing holes to be drilled which are represented as nodes. Each hole node has a name assigned to the hole and the drill depth specified for the given hole.


The following can be controlled for the above nodes through a context menu:


1. Excluded/Included: changes the hole status by including or excluding it. The excluded drill of the hole is not included in the CNC program.


2. Find in View: finds the selected hole in the graphic view.