Working with material and color names

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When performing furniture construction, the parts of the Woodwork for Inventor add-on are assigned with materials from the database which can be freely added to by the user. During the initial construction stage, the constructor may have a pre-conceived notion as to what specific material will be used to produce a given furniture component, e. g. Laminated Chipboard with R5028L Acacia color. Or the constructor may give a general description stating that a given part will be produced from a Laminated Chipboard with Façade color. In other words, the constructor may use specific material and color codes and names from material manufacturers, or use abstract names such as façade color, frame color, circular rods, rectangular profiles, solid façade material, solid frame material, etc. In this case the constructor, working with abstract materials, is grouping parts by material type rather than a specific brand of material.


Woodwork for Inventor add-on has a default option allowing you to easily change these abstract material and color names to specific material names before generating reports required to start the manufacturing process. Such method of working with materials ensures quick preparation of manufacturing information for the piece of furniture of the same construction, using different materials. Moreover, this allows you to reduce the amount of data contained in the add-on material database that needs to be constantly updated, if you work with materials from specific suppliers. The initial Woodwork for Inventor material database is filled with abstract materials.


Woodwork for Inventor allows you to use both of these methods. The user can select the one that is more convenient to work with and to fill the database.


The same concept is used for purchased standard products. Once inserted into the furniture structure, standard components brings in their codes and names but the user may, up until the last moment, change these names to the component codes and names from a specific manufacturer.