Woodwork for Inventor model data structure and data retrieval using keywords

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Woodwork for Inventor model data structure is essentially the same as that of Autodesk Inventor assembly, which can be seen in Autodesk Inventor Bill Of Materials window. The following generalized view of Woodwork for Inventor model data shows that the usual Autodesk Inventor BOM structure has been extended with additional nodes. These nodes represent workpieces. One part of a piece of furniture can consist of several workpieces. Parts always include fill workpieces; this is the single key workpiece. Other workpieces are various cover workpieces. Each Woodwork for Inventor part will always have one fill workpiece and can have cover workpieces (or not). Each workpiece is required to have a reference to the material item provided in the material table. The table is automatically generated in the model data and includes all materials used to manufacture the product displayed in the model data. The illustration shows that each node or item in the material table has a set of properties. Due to limited space, only few properties are shown here. A detailed information about the properties for each node type is presented in the keyword map which is available for XLS format or PDF format. The list of properties depends on the component that contains the node. For example, assembly nodes do not have size properties, while parts and workpieces always have properties that define their size. Another example: workpiece nodes will always have a reference to material items, while parts refer to their workpieces only.


The user can access the model data and transfer them to the desired document in one of the following ways:

1.Using keywords in specification templates.
2.By inserting keywords in Woodwork for Inventor drawing templates or label symbols.
3.By configuring Woodwork for Inventor system settings:
a.Requesting that any Woodwork for Inventor data element is automatically included in Custom iProperties field.
b.Recording any selected iProperty field of Autodesk Inventor component as an additional field of Woodwork for Inventor model data structure.


The user can use keywords to save data elements in one of the above fields.



Woodwork for Inventor Wbom struktura



BOM header information is another information container of the model data. As mentioned above, Woodwork for Inventor BOM generator can merge several model data files. This can be done to obtain a specification for a new product or new manufacturing order. So, the header will include information about the specification itself.


All Woodwork for Inventor keyword syntax is based on the model data structure. Each node is accessed via the keyword Item. Properties of this node are accessed by adding the name of the required property separated by a dot from the keyword. For example, to find out the component name, you will simply have to enter the keyword {Item.Name}. If you need to find out the part length, enter the keyword {Item.Length}. To access the workpiece dimension, use the keyword {Item.FillWorkpiece.Length}.


Nodes accessed by the keyword Item depend on the context in which the keyword is used.


For example, it the keyword Item is used in the Table.Start.InventorHierachy table, it will have one meaning. It will have completely different meaning when used in the Table.Start.FullHierachy table. The keyword will have yet another meaning when used in the drawing tab.


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