Job creation

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Following the workflow requirements necessary for creating CAM technological operations, first the user has to create a Job. In other words, you need to select a CNC machine for which the program will be created. To open the Job creation command, go to:


Woodwork CAM -> Job Job Icon



A Job creation dialog window will appear.



Job Dialog




Dropdown list of CNC machines registered in the CAM database of Woodwork for Inventor add-on. More information about CNC machines is presented in this section. The list also contains an entry "Use CNC equipment by material settings” which means that a Job will be created for the machine included in the material description. Click here for more information. If the material does not have a CNC machine assigned to it, the Job will not be created. In such event, it is necessary to select a specific machine.


Controller name

Name of the control system.



A brief description of the selected machine.


Create Job

Starts command execution.



Cancels command execution.


The result of the command’s execution is the creation of a Job node which becomes a current node in the side browser. We proceed by setting the base point for the CAM technological operation.


The Job node in the side browser has a context menu which can be opened by clicking the right mouse button (RMB). A single option can be selected in this menu:


Delete: deletes the given Job. One should bear in mind that by deleting the job we also delete the entire CAM technology created for this job.